Logiblocs Ltd was founded in 1996 with the main objective to develop, manufacture, market and distribute the Logiblocs product throughout the world. Since those early beginnings, the Company has grown dramatically working with partners in most areas of the Globe.

So far, over 5 million Logiblocs have been sold around the World. The product continues to be developed and extended and we are pleased to continue to gain awards both at home and abroad.

The Company is British and the design team is based in the UK. In the toy industry it is relatively rare to have British companies exporting to the US - it is normally the other way around!

The Vision

The vision for the product remains the same as it was back when the Company was formed as follows:

The vision is that Logiblocs will become a well known educational toy system with unlimited scope for extension. In schools, Logiblocs will become a widely accepted aid to learning. In the home, children of all ages will have fun with Logiblocs at whatever level suits them best, giving them a great sense of achievement whatever their current knowledge base. In the adult world, Logiblocs will emerge in a variety of guises adding a techno feel to art and fashion as well as be used as a basis for interactive games. Logiblocs will from the outset be a popular collectable range for all ages.

Not all this has been fulfilled yet, but there is still plenty of time.