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Logiblocs Kits

SpyTech Kit

  • £19.95

The Logiblocs SpyTech Kit introduces kids to electronics and computer science in a creative and fun way!

What do you get?

10 plug together blocks including microphone, recorder, amplifier and speaker blocks as well as cross, in, not, button, light switch, battery box (6V) Plus pressure mats, Jack Plug, stickers and instructions.

What can it do?

Record and Playback secret messages. Send secret messages to your friends for de-coding. Delve into the world of espionage. Recording blocks triggered in all the usual Logibloc ways. Record or Playback controlled by slider-switch. (10 seconds recording time)

What can you create?

Logiguard, Shadow Surprises, Door Alarm, Drawer Guard, Security Mat, Light Breaker Alarm, Lie Detector, Create Coded Messages, Hunt The Spy, Check For Metal, Water Detector and many more

For safety information including warning about magnets please see our Safety page.

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