Welcome to the world of logiblocs

The electronic discovery system that helps children understand the automatic and interactive world we live in.

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Alarm-Tech Kit

Build Light & Touch Sensitive Alarm Circuits Age: 7+ The Alarm-Tech Kit is... Shop Now »

SpyTech Kit

The Logiblocs SpyTech Kit introduces kids to electronics and computer science in... Shop Now »

Electric City Kit

What do you get? 16 plug together blocks BUTTON, LIGHT SWITCH (LDR), IN, OUT, N... Shop Now »

LogiRobot Kit

Age: 7+ The LogiRobot (LR001) is a truly unique and multi-talented robot with a... Shop Now »

Super Inventor Kit

Age: 8+ What do you get? 33 plug together blocs including SOUND SENSOR, FLIP/F... Shop Now »


These robot LogiMen characters live in LogiCity in the year 4371. The LogiMan ci... Shop Now »

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Just think through your average day and count how many times you come into contact with things that work automatically.

There are so many automatic systems in our lives - traffic lights, refrigerators, elevators, computers - Do you ever wonder if one day they will take over running our High-Tech and automatic World completely?

What about the Internet that you're using right NOW? The world wide web spreads its tentacles everywhere - but who controls it?

Be in control of your own life by getting in to Logiblocs and creating your own systems to protect your bedroom. Make wonderful flashing bleeping space vehicles. Record secret messages and create all kinds of awesome traps for your friends. Develop your driving skills with the LogiRobot and make it perform all sorts of automatic tricks!

If you like to know how things work, connect to the fascinating world of Logiblocs - the automatic flashing, bleeping, wonderfully different, pocket-sized blocs. Make gadgets of your own and have FUN!

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Logimen Stories

Understanding Logiblocs

Logiblocs is the electronic discovery system that helps you understand the world of technology that we live in.

From traffic lights to space stations, from cars to computers, everything in today's high-tech world is controlled in the same way as Logiblocs.

Inside each Logibloc is a printed circuit board and every block is colour-coded to describe its function. By plugging together Logiblocs in different combinations you can create circuits and virtually write your own simple program to build your own new inventions.

Logiblocs have been called “the cyber blocks of the future” - fascinating electronic building blocks that help you understand the world of IT in a fun and enjoyable way.

In a matter of seconds you can create all sorts of gadgets - burglar alarms for bedrooms, flashing space stations, scanners, zappers, lie detectors and even record and playback secret messages.

All Logiblocs work with each other so with a few Extrablocs you can build on to your inventions to make them even more powerful using your Logimagination

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These blocs trigger the system at the press of a button, the flash of a light or...


These connecting blocs take the signals from place to place up buildings and aro...


These clever blocs do the thinking and make sure everything happens in the right...


These chatterboxes communicate with the outside world through light and sound, t...


These energy suppliers give life to Logiblocs Inventions. Also, we include here ...

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