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Logiblocs Kits

LogiRobot Kit

  • £59.95

Age: 7+

The LogiRobot (LR001) is a truly unique and multi-talented robot with a mind of its own. It can be used in simple play or it can be used in more complex and engaging projects that help you understand the principles of control, automation and robotics. It is compatible with all other Logibloc parts and kits so you can extend its functionality with Extrablocs to make ever more complex gadgets - it's up to you and your imagination!

The LogiRobot Kit contains over 60 parts including 10 Logibloc parts, a Docking Station, and click fit Pulleys and Fixings to enable many varied fun tasks to be carried out. The LR001 itself contains two electric motors and a clever microprocessor so that you can control it either by the Remote Infrared Control Unit or by letting it respond to onboard or remote Logibloc sensors.

The kit comes with a full set of illustrated instructions for over 30 detailed projects that put your creative juices to the test! (Batteries required - 4 x 1.5V AA and 1 x 9V PP3)

For safety information including warning about magnets please see our Safety page.

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