Logiblocs is a member of the British Toy and Hobby Association. This trade organisation aims to coordinate the stance of British Toy Companies with regard to issues of safety, politics, advertising standards, quality and working practices. Each year, every member must make a declaration that certain standards are being upheld within their and their surpliers' organizations.

The Toy Industry Association Inc is the US equivalent of the BTHA in the UK. The American market is currently the largest toy market in the world. Check out the Hall of Fame where famous inventors and captains of the industry have been honoured.

Toy Traders of Europe is the only organisation which represents the interests of Toy Traders in Europe. The aim is to try to make sure that the industry speaks with one voice with regard to pan-European issues.

Logiblocs has been a manufacturer member of the American Speciality Toy Retailing Association. This organisation aims to help and support toy stores that are close to the educational end of the spectrum of retail outlets in the US.

The Nuremburg International Toy Fair takes place in February each year and is the largest such fair for the Toy Industry in the world. Logiblocs has exhibited at this fair regularly to promote the product abroad.

STEMNET is the Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics Network. Logiblocs has worked with the SETPOINT programme which aims to promote the better knowledge, understanding and experience of these disciplines in Education.